About Us

  • The Social Network for Indonesia Better Life

A CSR Program by Liu Media Indonesia

The world without boundaries is a dream of all people in the world. A peaceful world that prospers and stable; with no wars and conflicts. A united nation of people under the same sky. A network imbued with a community spirit, forming a perfect global community. It is a big dream now, a great vision for people of tomorrow.

That is the dream we share in our organization, PT Liu Media Indonesia. This is the big dream we are trying to make it into a vision. However, a Vision without Innovation; is a body without soul. Services are the embodiment of our Innovation, and it is our company persona felt by our clients. A full length of effort to gain people’s trust and respect. And we understand that trust is like a piece of paper, once it is crumpled it would never go back the way it was before. So we measure our Achievement through our client’s success in achieving their hopes and dreams. To think big and act small is our principle, and we will never achieve those without the first small steps. So we would like to start a perfect small community, that we call “Protégé Community”; Free-membership community that consists of young people with enthusiasm in creating Indonesia better life, enjoys life and care for social life. This community will be first established in Surabaya and Jakarta before expanding to all major cities in Indonesia. With one aim, to create Indonesia better life where people can enjoy good food, limitless information, top-notch global education, freedom of expression through arts, share the same hobbies with other, connect them to a global network also gather together in social responsibility actions to help other people and many more.

We are inviting you to be part of this dream; together we shall achieve milestones that will become a foundation for this big dream. We are not asking you to simply invest, but to build your legacy! Let our efforts speak through the ages.

Currently we have


  • We collect and gather inquiries more detailed and efficient
  • Easier to advertise person to person via email and message blast supported by this website
  • Create good partnership towards merchant (This helps us to establish workshop and etc)
  • As a mediator who deliver the benefits for both merchant & members
  • Its database can help clients who would make use of our markets
  • Its magazine can be useful to look for sponsors
  • FORUM & banner in the website can attract partners to place their advertisement